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Updated 11.16.17

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Unleash the BEAT inside!

OCT. 28 & 29, 2017

JAN. 13 & 14, 2018... + competition

All your teachers/coaches attend the Convention FREE with 5 paid dancers!

  •  Directors must register dancers through their studio accounts
  • Print the HOW TO for the event of choice and click the REGISTER HERE button       OCT.       JAN.


Click HERE to print the schedule - Subject to change

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Make plans to attend the 3D Dance Convention. The two-day convention features master classes taught by the best in the industry, including: SYTYCD champion, faculty from Broadway, national scholarship recipients, award winning teachers, and international choreographers. The January event includes a competition and takes place over Martin Luther King weekend.

A Director//Teacher Networking Luncheon is provided on Sunday (2 tickets complimentary / additional teacher fee $20 per person).

Day 2 will conclude with the 3D Extravaganza Showcase featuring some of the routines taught over the weekend. Day 2 also includes a special performance by the 3D Xtreme Team, scholarship presentations, and door prizes.

The January 3D Convention also includes a competition. Make sure you register your dancer(s)!

Earle Brown Heritage CenteR

  • 6155 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

HOTEL- connected to Earle Brown

Embassy Suites - 6300 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Ctr

  • Ask for the DX group rate (763) 560-2700 or click below
  • October event click HERE
  • January event click HERE

3D MERCHANDISE available

Jersey $25 • Socks $10 • Crew neck $40 (Reg. $50) • Tank $25 • Stuffed Animals $10

There will be 50 minutes allowed for lunch each day. Earle Brown does not allow outside food to be brought into the facility. Therefore, you can either take your dancer off property or purchase food on-site.

LUNCH BREAK:  Pre-order the morning of and your meal will be ready for pickup at the break.

NEW - this year dancers are able to pre-order their lunch. This will alleviate the long-wait time in the concession line.

PRE-ORDERS may be placed during registration hours each day and must be paid in full at the time of ordering (8AM - 10AM).
Pre-order Items:

  • Turkey Sandwich
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Chef’s Salad

Above items will include:

  • Chips
  • 1 piece of fruit
  • Cookie
  • Beverage
    • Price is $8.00

GENERAL CONCESSIONS will also be available.

  • Chef salad $6.00
  • Garden Salad $6.00
  • Grilled chicken sandwich $6.00
  • Turkey and provolone sandwich $6.00
  • Chicken tenders $6.00
  • Grilled hot dog $6.00
  • Pizza by the slice $5.00 (cheese & pep)
  • Rice crispy or chocolate chip cookie $1.00
  • Assorted beverages $1.50
  • Whole fruit $1.00

Concessions will be open from 11am-2pm

    REGISTER Today through your Studio Account on Dance Comp Genie. Reach out to DX if registering as an Independent.


    Auditions 101 -  Ballet - Contemporary - Dancin' in Heels - Hip Hop -  Jazz -  Jazz/Funk - Leaps & Turns - Lyrical - Musical Theatre - Pom - Tap.

    • All genres will NOT be taught at each convention. All age levels will not necessarily learn all genres.
      • OCT. genres:  Auditions 101  - Contemporary  - Hip Hop -  Jazz -  Jazz/Funk  - Lyrical - Musical Theatre - Pom - Tap.
        • OCT. Bonus Class (optional) - TAP for beg. & int. - TAP for int. & adv.
      • JAN. genres:  Auditions 101 -  Ballet - Contemporary - Dancin' in Heels - Hip Hop -  Jazz -  Jazz/Funk - Leaps & Turns - Lyrical - Musical Theatre - Pom.
      • JAN. Teacher Classes
        • TEACHING IMPROV:  Giving teachers the tools necessary to develop creative movement from dancers through expression, exercises, and body awareness.
        • CREATIVE PRESCHOOL IDEAS:  Learn to manage tot classes, keep them engaged, fun music ideas, and more!
        • STRETCHING FOR THE OLD & INFLEXIBLE:  All teachers and guests with a "Fan Band" are invited to attend this class. Basic stretching exercises to help all  ages, flexibility challenge, and those who struggle.
          • JAN. Bonus Class (optional) - STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY  - Specific focus on gaining the highest range of motion through stretching and flexibility exercises.
          • JAN. Bonus Class (optional) - DANCIN' IN HEELS for 12+ yr. -  DX understands that most professional careers in LA or NY require heels. That's why we are offering an optional bonus class called "Dancin' in Heels", taught by Lindsey McLevis. Lindsey will explain why it's important to know how to dance in heels, when to begin training,and teach the basics so dancers will have success. This class if for 12+ aged dancers. bring heels (if you have them) or attend without to gain the knowledge.


    Subject to change

    Saturday - DAY 1

    • 8 AM - Registration Opens
    • 9:30 AM - Faculty Introductions & Group Warm-up
    • 10 AM to 12:10 PM - Classes
    • 12:10 PM to 1 PM - Lunch Break
    • 1 PM to 3:10 PM - Classes Resume & Half Pints
    • 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM - 3D Xtreme Team Private Rehearsal

    Sunday - DAY 2

    • 8 AM to 9:15 AM - 3D Xtreme Team Private Rehearsal
    • 9:30 AM - Group Warm-up
    • 10 to 12:10 PM - Classes
    • 12:10 PM to 1 PM - Lunch Break
    • 12:10 PM to 1 PM - Teacher Networking Luncheon
    • 1 PM to 3:10 PM - Classes Resume & Half Pints
    • 3:15 PM to 3:45 PM - 3D Xtreme Team Final Rehearsal
    • 4 PM - 3D Extravaganza Show - open to the public
    • Following - 3D Xtreme Team Special Performance
    • Following - 3D Awards & Scholarship Presentations


    WHAT IS THE 3D EXTRAVAGANZA SHOW? - Dancers will perform some of the routines they were taught over the weekend for parents and fans on Sunday.

    WHAT IS THE 3D XTREME TEAM (3DXT)? - Faculty will select individuals from Saturday sessions to be a part of the 3D Xtreme Team. Individuals chosen are required to attend mandatory rehearsals where they'll be taught a special routine for Sunday's final show. 3DXT members must wear something purple or DX during the performance.

    HOW ARE THE SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED? - Dancers attend the Audition 101 class and will be taken through a mock audition process. They will also be taught a short combination that will be used the following day during their actual audition. All dancers, from each age category, are eligible for scholarships. Half-pints do NOT have an actual audition class. Faculty will select half-pint recipients based not their class participation.

    • Elite Performer - $225 value
    • Outstanding Dancer - $100 value
    • Firecracker - $50 value
    • Audition Ready - $25 value


    • Early Bird offer apply to all registrations postmarked 45 days prior to the first day of the convention. If fees are not paid in full 45 days prior, early bird offer will not be applied.
      • Oct. due date - Sept. 13, 2017
      • JAN. due date - Nov. 29, 2017

    Half-Pint  - $125*  (Early Bird offer not available)

    • Includes one FAN BAND observer pass*
    • Half-Pint ONE DAY - $75 (Early Bird offer not available)

    Dancer  -  $225 Reg. Rate  /  $195 Early Bird

    • Dancer ONE DAY - $125 (Early Bird offer not available)

    Teachers -  $45 (FREE with 5 paid dancers - Early Bird offer not available.)

    Fan Band  -  $45 Reg. Rate  /  $30 Early Bird

    • Fan Band ONE DAY - $25 (Early Bird offer not available)

    COLLEGE STUDENTS are eligible for discounted rates with proof of college enrollment [submit a photo copy of college ID with registration paperwork].

    College students must attend the Senior class sessions ONLY.

    • $150 (Early Bird offer not available)

    DX does offer a one day convention option. However, dancers that are registered in the January competition must be registered for the full weekend and cannot register for the one day convention.  One day participants can register for the one day convention for Saturday OR Sunday. One day participants are NOT eligible for any scholarships.


    • Half-Pint:   5 to 7 yr.
    • Mini:   7 to 10 yr.
    • Junior:   11 to 12 yr.
    • Teen:   13 to 15 yr.
    • Senior/Collegiate:   15+ yr.


    1. Half-Pints attend the afternoon sessions, perform in the 3D Extravaganza, have an opportunity to earn scholarships, and get a taste of what a convention is all about. It's a great way for them to eXperience 3D! One free FAN BAND observer pass will be provided to the studio for the appropriate parent/guardian for each registered Half-Pint dancer.
    2. Early Bird offer apply to all registrations postmarked 45 days prior to the first day of the convention. If fees are not paid in full 45 days prior, early bird offer will not be applied.
      • Oct. due date - Sept. 13, 2017
      • JAN. due date - Nov. 29, 2017
    3. FAN BAND observer passes must be visible for the DX staff at all times during the convention classes. Observers are NOT allowed into the AUDITION classes.
    4. Belongings should be kept and observers should sit as far back against the walls as possible to provide the maximum amount of room for the dancers.
    5. No excessive noise or talking during the classes. It can be distracting to the dancers and teacher.
    6. All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.
    7. No refunds on convention fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    8. Independent entries are welcome!  Dancers who are not with a studio may still register for the convention.
    9. Dancers are not required to compete in order to register for the convention. However, dancers are required to be registered for the full convention in order to compete at the January event.
    10. Scholarships may be redeemed by attaching the scholarship certificate to the convention registration form. Photocopies of scholarships are acceptable. Scholarship winners may also register online, as we have all scholarship winners on file.
    11. Mail ONE check, made payable to DX EVENTS, for all fees. There is no need to send separate checks for the convention and competition. Checks accepted until two weeks before event. Then payment must be made with credit card, cashier's check or money order.
      • DX EVENTS   PO Box 939, Anoka MN 55303
    12. Day of registration must be paid by cash, credit card, cashier's check or money order. DX does not accept personal OR studio checks at any events, at anytime.
    13. All genres will not be taught at each level and/or convention.
    14. Faculty will attend one, if not both, conventions. Faculty is subject to change without notice.
    15. Once registration for 3D CONVENTION is submitted, it is agreed that all dancers, teachers, parents and other attendees will not hold DX EVENTS responsible for any injury or loss of property during the event.
    16. All dancers registered for the convention must have completed and signed a DX Events waiver.
    3D FAculty Blast Screen Shot Jan 2018.png

    FACULTY Bios

    Ashley Valerio - Headshot.jpeg


    Valerio - January



    France - October & January



    McLevis - January



    Pineda - January

    IMG_3076 3.JPG


    Wells Ehrisman - January



    Rascon Smith - October



    Ness - October



    Nitkin - October



    LeVoir - October


    Tetner - October

    Oct 2017 Scholarship Winners.jpg

    October 2017 Scholarship Recipients


    • Lindsey Fields - Arabesque School of Dance - Elite Performer $225
    • Kaleesta Waysman - Dynamic Dance - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Courtney Hanson - Fancy Dancin' - Firecracker $50
    • Dana Marquis - Maggie J's Dance Co. - Firecracker $50


    • Nilla Baumgartner - Dance Express - Elite Performer $225
    • Grace Bell - Studio Vibe - Elite Performer $225
    • Mallory Jones - Northland School of Dance - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Elise Roxas - Studio Vibe - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Kate Larsen - The Dance Factory - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Rena Roszak - Studio Vibe - Firecracker $50


    • Bryn Melius - Dance Express - Elite Performer $225
    • Makenna Williamson - Stella Dance Studio - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Addison Versteeg - Dynamic Dance - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Keira Auren - The Dance Factory - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Ella Haugen - Fancy Dancin' - Firecracker $50
    • Ana Evens - Champion Legacy - Firecraker $40


    • Chloe Kranz - Valley Dance District - Elite Performer $225
    • Emme Lancaster - Dance Express - Elite Performer $225
    • Asha Jones - Champion Legacy - Elite Performer $225
    • Avery Clark - Arabesque School of Dance - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Reagan Ruzynski - Dance Revue - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Isabella Hawkins - Premiere Dance Academy - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Saige Haugen - Fancy Dancin' - Firecracker $50
    • Ariana Erickson - Woodbury Dance Center - Firecracker $50
    • Micayla Owens - Fancy Dancin' - Firecracker $50


    • Skylar Wong - Woodbury Dance Center - Elite Performer $225
    • Gianna Juliano - Woodbury Dance Center - Outstanding Dancer $100
    • Ella Brisson - Woodbury Dance Center - Firecracker $50




    "3D is by far the BEST dance convention i have ever attended. DX provides all dancers, parents, and studio owners with a safe environment, fun classes, and a great weekend. You'll leave 3D happy!" - Elise Roxas, Studio Vibe

    "This weekend, my daughter, learned, had fun with her friends, and was celebrated by the teachers!" - Kim Erickson, Woodbury Dance Ctr. parent

    "Loved the networking luncheon. Thanks for treating us. Enjoyed the opportunity to chat with teachers that we normally compete against. We can learn and help each other out." - Celesta Brainard - Studio Vibe

    "I had fun and learned new things!" - Asha Jones, Champion Legacy

    "Love attending DX Events. The staff is professional, warm, welcoming and very helpful. Registration is simple. Competitions are top notch, run on time, offer useful judging critiques, different levels of competition and several events to choose from including performance only opportunities like Disney. Everything you need through one company. It's our favorite. We love DX!" - Jackie Belde, Tempo Dance

    "3D had a great variety of teachers and a fabulous schedule." - Jenna Hargraves, Arabesque School of Dance

    "Great excitement. Lots of fun!" - Ellie Maranda, 4th Street Dance Ctr.

    "3D was a well organized dance convention with a fun variety of classes and instructors." - Ruby Norman - Woodbury Dance Ctr.

    "The 3D Convention was amazing! My dancer had a blast. All the teachers were incredible. My daughter left feeling confident and excited. Great work DX!" - Jeri Williamson, Stella Dance

    "DX is by far the best Nationals out there because of the extras offered to the kids like the All American Talent & Scholastic program." - Michelle Bell, Studio Vibe

    "I loved doing all the different styles with such fun teachers." - Sydney Polansky, Arabesque School of Dance

    "My dancers enjoyed the variety of classes and loved having a new style to try - pom!" - Dawn Ruzynski, Dance Revue

    "3D is a lot of fun and I learned a lot." - Shae Jones, Champion Legacy

    "Loved the schedule for 3D. It doesn't start too early, has 10 minute breaks between classes, and ends at a decent time each day." - Kaleesta Waysman, Dynamic Dance

    "As a new studio owner, DX was a fantastic choice for our first ever convention. Love the Extravaganza show at the end, great organization, and networking opportunity." - Courtney Benavidez, Sharri's School of Dance

    "DX is pretty lit. I recommend!" - Hannah Andersen, Dance Express

    "My dancers had such a great weekend learning from amazing choreographers. We will be back!" - Chelsee Hasselberg, Fancy Dancin'

    "3D is amazing. It was so much fun to learn the combos. I like that we do lots of styles." - Karenna Ruley, Dance Express

    " I love that the 3D faculty teaches more than just dance; they also give important life messages and lessons to the dancers during class." - Celesta Brainard, Studio Vibe

    "3D was our first convention and Lauren had so much fun. She learned a ton and had a great experience." - Rach Morton, Arabesque School of Dance

    "3D was an amazing way to challenge our dancers, push them outside the box, while doing what they love most. Thank you!"  - Laura Bishop, Lucille Murray's Studio of Dance

    "We love the teachers and 3D was run better than most of the national conventions we've attended." - Kristin Johnson, The Dance Complex