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Updated 08.17.17

DX Studio Dance Competitions - General Info


Private Studio Page for Directors and Studio Owners. - email DX for password

ALL TEACHERS must be submitted to DX via email if they plan on attending a Regional or National event in order to receive complimentary program books and access to the VIP room.

Contact DX  to receive your Studio Handbook in the mail. The Studio Handbook contains rules, pricing guidelines, and important information specific to Directors/Teachers. 

A Favorite Amongst Directors

Since its debut in 2010, DX Studio Dance Competitions have quickly become one of the Midwest's favorites. DX guarantees:

  • Electronic Scoring
  • On-time Scheduling
  • Three skill levels [novice, intermediate, and advanced] 
  • Overalls for All Ages & Levels
  • 19 Styles
  • FREE Special Needs
  • Ample Dressing Room Space
  • FREE Daddy/Daughter
  • Academic Recognition
  • Gifts for ALL
  • No Fees for Titles
  • Reserved Seating for Teachers
  • VIP Teacher Lounge
  • Cash Prizes
  • Customized Awards
  • Scholarships
  • Parade of Stars
  • Access to Team DX on Site
  • Attention to Details
  • Qualify for THE ONE Finals

Additionally at NATIONALS ...

  • Awards Gala
  • Master Classes
  •  "Purple Party"
  • Super Star Skills Competition
  • All American
  • Distinguished Leader
  • National Choreographer of the Year
  • National Teacher of the Year

All DX competitions will continue to provide the highest level of professionalism and integrity Directors have come to eXpect and certainly deserve. DX understands you have a choice when selecting competitions. We appreciate you choosing DX!

COMPETITION DURING SCHOOL HOURS - Some solo, duos, and trios may be scheduled during school hours on Friday. Small, large, line and production routines will be scheduled after 3 PM on school days. Typically this effects one or two divisions (i.e.: Teen Intermediate Solos). It does not effect all divisions.


Be sure to take advantage of our special offer eXclusively for new studios. DX will allow two free solos at your first DX Studio Dance Competition. This special offer is only for studios who have never competed at a DX Studio Dance Competition in the past.


Whatever the reason, all of us here at DX are thrilled and can't wait to show YOU a great event.

DX Events - More than a competition. An eXperience!


DX brings in the most qualified experts int he dance industry to adjudicate DX events. Each huge was selected based on his/her expertise.


All Solo Grand Champions receive official Champion jackets at DX Regionals & Nationals.

All Solo Grand Champions receive official Champion jackets at DX Regionals & Nationals.

All dancers, teachers, and directors receive official Champion rings at DX Open Nationals in June for the XTREME DANCE-OFF and PRODUCTION BATTLE-OF-THE-BEST!


  • $  75 - Small Group
  • $100 - Large Group
  • $150 - Line / Production

Cash prizes are given in certificates to be used at future DX events and are awarded when 5+ routines in a category. All cash prizes awarded to the studio.

national - CASH AWARDS

  • $300 Xtreme Dance-off Champions
  • $500 Production Battle Champions

Cash prizes adjusted when there are less than 750 routines attending nationals. All cash prizes awarded to the studio. Refer to handbook for details.

DX doesn’t believe in breaking ties. Both winners will receive all awards and honors.


Award ceremonies are slotted throughout the competition rather than waiting until the end of the event. DX values your time and schedules awards accordingly once a category and/or division is complete.

DX requests dancers be dressed in full costume or studio warm-ups as they approach the stage for award ceremonies.

The total points of each routine will determine the award level. All dancers receive individual awards for each routine.

Grand Champions take home banners for the studio. Personalized X-Awards and Judge's Choice are presented on stage to the winning performance by individual judges.

During all award ceremonies, FINALISTS will be announced on stage and receive individual awards. If your dancer(s) name is announced as one of the finalists, have your dancer(s) proceed to the front of these stage to receive their earned recognition.



All finalists from solo, duo, and trio events are invited to participate at Nationals in the opening number called "Parade of Stars". This includes all skill levels. However, it is ultimately up to each studio director.





Overall High Point / Daily Best-of-the-Best - banner

Lisa Saline, DX President, admired her father very much. He passed away in March of 2012. To honor her father, she established this award based on all her father taught her during her lifetime. John always demanded that Lisa do her best with anything she tried. It was his strong belief and high expectations that helped Lisa become the woman she is today. DX will present this award to the overall high point winner from each stage,  each day.

Just had to send you a note.....2nd year at Eclipse - and loved it just as much as the first year! I know a lot of our dancers went to another event because it seemed to be an easier competition. We did both - and if I had to pick, I would pick Eclipse. I feel your judging is very fair, you run on time and SO smoothly. Ava received her score sheets last night. She has so much to work on, yet your judges were SO encouraging. She loved that one judge gave her 2 bonus points! But really - yes, they critiqued but also were great at commenting on what she was doing right - which there has been a lack of this year. I hope we do Eclipse as an all-studio comp next year. Thanks for running such a great event!
— Jennifer Seidel, Parent
Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence


Since Lisa Saline first began her company back in 1987, she included a Spirit & Sportsmanship Award.  It has always been an important part of her events.

The Andrew Lawrence Sportsmanship & Spirit Award is the highest honor a program can earn while at DX events. Studios will vote and the recipient announced during the last awards ceremony of the event.

THREE SKILL LEVELS - Updated 08.07.17

DX Studio Dance Competitions offer three levels of difficulty based on instruction hours and/or competition experience.

NEW - "Instruction" is defined as the total number of hours the dancers receives instruction from the studio. This may include, but not limited to; scheduled team practices, technique classes, solo, ballet, etc.

Judges will score each routine based on how the dancer performs for their specific age and skill level. With that said, what a 12 yr. old novice dancer is expected to do is completely different from the expectations of a 12 yr. old advanced dancer.


Because no competition can possibly know the number of hours a dancer dances and/or the number of years of competitive dancing, it is left to the teachers, to use their discretion when entering routines. Routines will be evaluated by the judges and/or DX Directors and may be moved to a higher skill level of competition. All decision are final.

NEW - No advanced dancer may compete in a novice or intermediate duo/trio or small group.

NEW - No more than 1/3 of the dancers in a large group or line, may be a higher performance level than the level that the routine is entered.

NEW - No dancer that is registered in the advanced level will be permitted to dance in ANY novice level routine.

  • Novice  ... 3 hr. or less of weekly instruction or limited competition experience.
  • Intermediate ... 3.5 to 5 hr. of weekly instruction or moderate competition experience.
  • Advanced ...  5.5 hr. or more of weekly instruction or substantial competition experience.


Print off 2017 DX Studio Rules



Mini ... 6 yr. & younger

Petite ... 7 to 8 yr.

Junior ... 9 to 11 yr.

Teen ... 12 to 14 yr.

Senior ... NEW: 15 to 18 yr.

Adult ... NEW: 19 yr. & older

Special Needs*... special dancers

Daddy/Daughter... one adult and one child


The average age of the group or the actual age of the soloist, number of dancers in the routine, and the desired skill level chosen by the director determine the competition divisions. All age categories are offered in all levels and styles.

To make sure everyone is utilizing the same age scale, calculate your dancer(s) age as of January 1, 2018. Divisions are determined by averaging the actual age of all performers as of 01/01/18.

Performers maintain their regional age category at Nationals. You must recalculate the average age of a routine for Nationals if any of the dancers in a routine change.

Online registration will calculate which category each roster qualifies. To determine manually, list all the ages on a roster, then add them up to determine your total. Divide the number of dancers on the roster into your total. This will give you the average age. Do not use decimals. Do not round up. A calculation of 9.3 and 9.7 would both qualify for the 9 year old division.


Need a time extension? Not a problem. It is the studio director's responsibility to communicate with DX if any performances are longer than the allocated time frames - especially production numbers. This is crucial to keeping on time. If not, a team will be assessed violation points.

SOLO = 1 person   

  • Three minutes (3:00)
  • Soloists are limited to 2 performances

DUET = 2 people

  • Three minutes (3:00)

TRIO = 3 people

  • Three minutes (3:00)

SMALL GROUP - 4 to 9 people

  • Three minutes (3:00)

LARGE GROUP - 10 to 19 people

  • Three minutes (3:00)

LINE / PRODUCTION  - 20 + people

  • Six minutes (6:00).
  • Time must be submitted for all line/production routines during registration to ensure DX allocates enough time on the schedule. Additional time may be requested. Approval for extension must be received prior to competition. There are no extra fees charged for time extensions. However, pre-notification of extended time must be given. Otherwise, a penalty will be assessed.

    Send to:

All production entries are based on the average age of the entire group.


Music must be uploaded to your account.

Backups should be brought with on CDs and turned in at check-in to Team DX. Don't forget to pick it up when you depart!



  • TECHNIQUE - 30 pt.
  • EXECUTION - 30 pt.
  • SHOWMANSHIP - 15 pt.
  • CHOREOGRAPHY - 15 pt. 
  • COSTUME - 10 pt. 
    • TOTAL POSSIBLE - 100 pt.

Bonus Points

Judges may apply up to 5 additional bonus points at their discretion to the routine's final score for performing above and beyond. Should a dancer exceed the Platinum total points possible for their skill level,  the dancer will be awarded a Platinum Elite title.




  • Platinum Elite ... 300+ pt. ... [100+ per judge]
  • Platinum ... 282 - 299.9 ... [94 -99.9 per judge]
  • High Gold ... 267 - 281.9 ... [89 -93.9 per judge]
  • Gold ... 255 - 266.9 ... [85 -88.9 per judge]
  • High Silver ... 246 - 254.9 ... [82 -84.9 per judge]
  • Silver ... 240 - 245.9 ... [80 -81.9 per judge]


  • Platinum Elite ... 291+ pt. ... [97+ per judge]
  • Platinum ... 273 - 290.9 ... [91 -96.9 per judge]
  • High Gold ... 258 - 272.9 ... [86 - 90.9 per judge]
  • Gold ... 246 - 257.9 ... [82 - 85.9 per judge]
  • High Silver ... 237 - 245.9 ... [79 - 81.9 per judge]
  • Silver ... 231 - 236.9 ... [77 - 78.9 per judge]

NOVICE LEVEL - Revised 08.07.17

  • Platinum Elite ... 286+ pt. ... [95+ per judge]
  • Platinum ... 268 - 283.9 ... [89 - 94.3 per judge]
  • High Gold ... 253 - 267.9 ... [84 - 89.3 per judge]
  • Gold ... 241 - 252.9 ... [80 - 84.3 per judge]
  • High Silver ... 232 - 240.9 ... [77 - 80.3 per judge]
  • Silver ... 226 - 231.9 ... [75 - 77.3 per judge]


  • Platinum Elite ...yellow
  • Platinum ... orange
  • High Gold ... teal
  • Gold ... blue
  • High Silver ... pink
  • Silver ... gray
  • Judge's Choice ... purple
  • Grand Champion ... red


DX utilizes the full scoring range and will distribute awards based on scores. You may find that your dancer's award at DX is different from what they've received at other competitions. We've noticed that at some competitions all dancers receive high awards; high golds and platinums. Unfortunately, some of our competitors treat their events more as an exhibition rather than a competition. With this approach, the need for accurate judging becomes inconsequential, and the dancer's true efforts and abilities may be inaccurately assessed.

There were so many amenities for the teachers, students and parents. The surprise gifts for all the dancers was great. Giving awards to everyone for each routine was true class. The stages were huge with ample wing space. Everyone enjoyed the stadium seating; imagine seeing the routines they wanted to see. You didn’t forget the teachers either. You made the days so much easier by giving us snacks and a private room where we could sneak away and relax, and enough program books for our entire teaching staff. Thank you!
— Teresa Rolf, Northland School of Dance


ACRO - combining acrobatics, tumbling and dance moves to the music - may contain passes and flexibility skills - acrobatic and dance should be split equally (50/50) - walkovers, aerials, handsprings, etc., are all examples of acrobatic skills 

BALLET / POINTE - precise and highly technical set steps - characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements - may be performed with ballet or pointe shoes

CHARACTER / NOVELTY - portraying a specific character, person or theme

CLOGGING - the dancer's footwear is used musically by striking the heel, the toe, or both in unison against a floor or each other to create audible percussive rhythms

CONTEMPORARY - a genre of concert dance that employs compositional philosophy, rather than choreography - interpretive movements that emphasize balance and control

DADDY/DAUGHTER  - one adult and one child performing together.

DANCE TEAM - precision style choreography focusing on group synchronization 

HIP HOP - street style movements with an emphasis on execution, style, creativity, body isolations, and control, rhythm, uniformity and musical interpretation - additional focus can include jumps, jump variations, combo jumps, and other tricks (i.e.: dance crew, krumping, breaking, stepping, etc.)

IMPROV - spontaneously creating movement

JAZZ - stylized dance movements and combinations, formations changes, group work, leaps and turns - emphasis is placed on proper technical execution, extension, controlled body placement, and uniformity

KICK - control, height uniformity, extension, toe points, timing, and creativity incorporated in a variety of kick series - a kick is defined as one foot remaining on the floor while the other foot lifts with force at least one inch from the floor

LYRICAL - combining the principals of jazz and ballet while emphasizing proper technical execution, the use of flexibility, balance and mood - routines are fluid in movement, and focus on emotion often telling a story

MODERN - a dance that implements the principles of fall and recovery and/or contraction and release and weight sharing to express inner feelings as related to the musical or narrative piece - uses the entire body to express complex emotions, and abstract ideas

MUSICAL THEATRE - combining songs, spoken dialogue and dance - focusing on costuming, character portrayal, and music specific to a musical or movie

OPEN - a combination of two or more styles

POM - poms used in 80% of the routine, including: synchronization and visual effect, clean and precise motions, strong pom technique, and incorporating dance technical elements - visual effect, includes, level changes, group work, formations changes, and the use of different color poms

PRODUCTION - a recurring character, theme, story line, or music - any style of dance - additional time may be requested - approval for extension must be received prior to competition

SPECIAL NEEDS - special dancers

TAP - a dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes - traditional tap technique steps and movements



We want your Daddy/Daughter routines. Register them TODAY and all Dad entry fees will be waived.


All special need routines compete for FREE. Awards for all special needs dancers too!


Dance Xtreme understands the importance strong academics play in molding athletes into successful individuals for life.  High academics is the foundation for success.  DX encourages all teams to submit the academic eXcellence paperwork so they may be recognized for this outstanding accomplishment.


The total points of each routine will determine the award level. All dancers receive individual awards for each routine. Grand Champions take home banners for the studio. Personalized X-Award plaques and Judge's Choice banners are presented on stage to the winning performance.


Each talent level (novice, intermediate, and advanced) will recognize a Solo Grand Champion for the overall high point routine in each age category. The Grand Champions represent the best of the best within a specific age category, and talent level on that day, at that moment in time. Solo recipients will receive $100 scholarship, individual crown, Grand Champion jacket, a banner for themselves and for the studio, plus a special rhinestone added to the studio plaque.

  • MINI Soloist Grand Champion ... 6 yr. & younger
  • PETITE Soloist Grand Champion ... 7 to 8 yr.
  • JUNIOR Soloist Grand Champion ... 9 to 11 yr.
  • TEEN Soloist Grand Champion ... 12 to 14 yr.
  • SENIOR Soloist Grand Champion ... NEW: 15 to 18 yr.
  • ADULT Soloist Grand Champion ... NEW: 19yr. +


DUO/TRIO grand champions

Each talent level (novice, intermediate, and advanced) will recognize a Duo/Trio Grand Champion for the overall high point routine in each age category. The Grand Champions represent the best of the best within a specific age category, and talent level on that day, at that moment in time. Duo/Trio recipients will receive individual crowns, a banner for themselves and for the studio, plus a special rhinestone added to the studio plaque.


The overall high point routine will also be recognized as Grand Champions in each talent level (novice, intermediate, and advanced) and size of the group. Grand Champions receive a banner for the studio and individual awards. All routines are in the running for Grand Champion honors.

  • DUO / TRIO Grand Champions
  • SMALL GROUP Grand Champions
  • LARGE GROUP Grand Champions
  • LINE / PRODUCTION Grand Champions

All decisions are final.


X-AWARDS for xtraordinary achievements


Judge's may select a routine from the competition as a personal favorite. Presentations are made on stage during the awards ceremonies. This has become one of DX's unique extras.

Judging art, creativity, and dance is innately an emotional and personal choice - yet as judges we are asked to remove all personal thought and preference from our scores and base our decision solely on the score sheet criteria. DX has given us an incredible opportunity as judges to finally recognize the pieces we connect with personally. This award is much more meaningful to me than any I have had the pleasure to give out in all my years as a dance judge and I look forward to every DX event because of it.
— Cheetah Platt, Judge


In addition to the awards earned based on score, DX affords all judges a chance to praise individuals and/or groups for extraordinary skills or performances on stage and present them with the X-Award or Judge's Choice honor.


For exhibiting outstanding passion, potential, and determination to become a future star.


For unifying a song, choreography, and skills so intensely while demonstrating an intense focus and passion for dance.


For exhibiting unique structure, variety, and content in the choreography development of a routine.


For demonstrating exceptional ability, displaying center, and control within a specific skill.


For showcasing a costume that's dynamic, stands out amongst others, and enhances the overall routine.

Eclipse returns emails and calls right away. With a full time, year round office staff, Eclipse is available. Anytime we have had a last minute change or questions, and with over 100 kids and 45 dances competing last year there were many. Eclipse got back to us right away. I even received personal calls and emails from Lisa Saline, the owner, which demonstrates the accessibility of the organization.
— Misty Lown, Misty's Dance Unlimited


DX Studio Dance Competition events are on-time. With over 30 years of event planning experience, DX is able to ensure everyone is relaxed and ready to watch amazing routines or get up on the stage and do their thing.

Dancers are guaranteed 15 minutes or more between routines to allow for costume changes. No hurry up and wait for anyone.

Studio directors sign off on the schedule prior to the competition. This helps alleviate stress for both the director and dancers once they arrive.

Performance time changes are not allowed during the actual competition unless the DX Judge Coordinator has approved the change. Performers who show up out of order without prior approval will not be allowed to compete nor will a refund be given.

DX is on-time, every time. Have you ever been sitting at an event on a Sunday night at 10 PM waiting for awards? I have, and it’s not fun. DX starts on time and ends on time. Our teachers, students, and parents can plan their day with confidence knowing that if DX says they are going to compete at 3 PM, they will.
— Shayna Stellflue, Misty's Dance Unlimited


Good sportsmanship is contagious. DX asks all fans, directors, teachers and dancers to exhibit respect towards others. Studios will be assessed violations if a dancer, director, teacher, parent or spectator acts in an unsportsmanlike manner. This includes, but is not limited to acts or conduct such as:

  1. Showing inappropriate emotions about the decisions of judges and DX personnel.
  2. Public display of criticism.
  3. Not exercising self-control at all times.
  4. Not treating fellow dancers with respect at all times.
  5. Using profane or inappropriate language or gestures.
  6. Baiting or taunting an opponent.


Ways in which directors can promote spirit to their dancers and fans include:

  1. Respecting studios both on and off the floor.
  2. Showing respect to judges, fellow competitors and DX personnel.
  3. Fostering a positive environment, which may include bringing signage, cheering on other studios during performances, and more.
  4. Displaying high sportsmanship standards.
  5. Acting in a way in which all dancers admire.
  6. Exemplifying sportsmanlike conduct.
  7. Interacting with integrity.
  8. Winning without boasting. Losing without excuses.


DX reserves the right to alter competition days, move event to a new venue, and/or cancel the event if necessary.

  All dancers must have a signed waiver on file BEFORE competition weekend or the dancer and/or studio will not be allowed to compete. No fees will be refunded. The waiver is valid for one competition season and must be signed each year.


Lisa Saline, DX President, knows how long the days can be. As a former teacher herself who once brought dancers to competitions, she understands the stress and energy it takes to get through an event. With that in mind, DX goes the extra mile to take care of ALL the teachers.

All dancers, teachers, and directors receive a special gift as a thank you to show our appreciation for attending DX Events.

A teacher lounge is provided at all events.

Program books are handed out to all registered staff.

Directors are brought on stage during the studio's final awards ceremony and presented with studio achievement customized plaques featuring Swarovski crystals representing award levels.

These little extras are provided to show studios how much we care. We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting competitions. Thank you for choosing DX Studio Dance Competitions.

June 15-18, 2017 ... Father's Day Weekend ... What a great place for DADs to spend their weekend fishing, golfing, hiking, boating, and watching fantastic dancing!  All details may be found on the NATIONAL page.


Parents should direct their questions to their studio. Please do not call DX.

With a full-time staff on hand both at DX headquarters and on site at competitions, DX is available.


Last minute changes or cancellations to your account must be requested in writing. Send inquiries to . Include the event name and studio account number in the subject line.

All routines on studio accounts must be paid for prior to the competition or the studio will not be allowed to compete. Studios are required to pay for routines even if they are last minute changes and/or cancellations.


All fees paid are non-refundable.


All entry fees, waivers, music, and misc. items are due 30 days before event.

A $100 late fee will be applied to all accounts missing any items 29 or more days from event.

An additional $100 late fee will be applied to all accounts missing any items 14 or more days from event.

No studio will be allowed to compete until all items, including late fees, are paid in full, nor will refunds be given.


Injured dancers pulled from routines fourteen (14) days or more will be refunded their registration fees with a doctor's note. Thirteen (13) days or less are non-refundable.


Studio checks will be accepted up to 30 days prior to event. After that, payments may be made with a cashier's check, money order, or credit card. There is a 3.5% service and handling fee assessed to all credit card payments.



(763) 792-8989

PO Box 939, Anoka, MN 55303