The One


Updated 08.24.16

Virginia Beach, VA ... Apr. 8-9, 2017

New Orleans, LA ... Apr. 8-9, 2017

Chicago, IL ... Apr. 22 -23, 2017

Orlando, FL ... May 6-7, 2017

Are You The ONE?  The ONE Cheer and Dance Finals is THE end of the year final championship for ALL levels of cheer and dance. Premier independent event producers all over the world sponsor their best teams (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ONLY) to compete at The ONE Cheer and Dance Finals. Teams will compete first at a The ONE Territory Championship where winners take home championship rings! Teams may choose the territory final that best suits their travel desire/needs.

VIRTUAL FINALS:  If your team wins first place at a territory final, your best scoring video from the territory final will enter the “winner takes all” Virtual Finals where you will compete head to head against the first place team(s) from other territories. The winners in each division will be crowned THE ONE and be awarded the coveted ONE Finals championship jackets.

PAID Bids:  The PAID Bid includes ALL team registration fees!

AT-LARGE Bids:  The AT-LARGE Bid includes an INVITATION into our exclusive event .

Where can I find out more info on THE ONE?

Check-out THE ONE's official website!


DX will be awarding  paid bids at all events this season. Attend the AmeriCup, Amaze, Majestic, Eclipse or Nationals for your chance to advance to THE ONE CHAMPIONSHIPS.