Xtreme Dance Off


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The highest scoring small group and large group from each specified age classification and skill level will advance to the Xtreme Dance-Off and compete a second time to determine the Xtreme Dance-Off Champions. In the event of a tie, all tied routines will qualify. 

Judges will rank performances from 1 to 6, with 1 being their favorite and 6 being their least favorite. The routine with the lowest score will be awarded the Xtreme Dance-Off Champion title. Routines are NOT judged on a score sheet but rather observed and RANKED based on best Showmanship and Entertainment value.


• Mini Champion

• Petite Champion

• Junior Champion 

• Teen Champion 

• Senior Champion

For example: 1 Teen Novice Small Group, 1 Teen Intermediate Small Group, 1 Teen Advanced Small Group, 1 Teen Novice Large Group, 1 Teen Intermediate Large Group, 1 Teen Advanced Large Group, totaling 6 routines for the XDO. 

Lines/Productions are not eligible for the XDO. There is a separate competition for line/production routines. See “Production Battle” for details. 

DX will be awarding a cash prize to each winner of the Xtreme Dance-Off. If there are at least 750 total acts competing at nationals and no less than six routines competing in the XDO for that age category, then each winner receives a $300 cash prize. If there are less, the XDO Champions with six routines competing in a category will take home $150 cash prize. 

All Xtreme Dance-Off Champions will take home official Champion Rings (dancers and teachers), immediately following the competition, along with a banner for their studio, five foot high trophy, and a cash prize. Cash prizes are given in certificates to be used at future DX events.

Winners are also invited to compete  at THE ONE FINALS next season.


MINI - "Under The Sea" from Bravo Dance Co. •  PETITE - "Bless Our Show" from 4th Street Dance Centre •  JUNIOR - "This Is What We Believe" from Tempo Dance Studio •  TEEN - "How Low" from The Dance Warehouse •  SENIOR - "World On Fire" from The Dance Warehouse


MINI - "Music Box" from Jennifer's Dance Centre•  PETITE - "Wind It Up" from Dance Express•  JUNIOR - "Son of a Preacher Man" from Platinum Dance Center•  TEEN - "Lazy Days" from Lucille Murray's Studio of Dance•  SENIOR - "Seven Deadly Sins" from Dance Express

2015 Xtreme Dance-Off Champions

MINI - "Boys from New York City" from Arabesque School of Dance•  PETITE - "Knock on Wood" from Platinum Dance Center•  JUNIOR - "Bossy" from Jam Hops Dance Connection•  TEEN - "Heart Cry" from Arabesque School of Dance•  SENIOR - "Box of Secrets" from Arabesque School of Dance